Friday, 28 February 2014


Going to a party …….i prefer curl hair look…………… I rush to salon , to torture my hair because I know DOVE is there always .

Going to disc ……I want wavy hair look …… I rush to salon to torture my hair because I know DOVE is there always .

Going to Office …. I want a neater / straight look ….. so I rush to salon to torture my hair because I know DOVE is there always .

Going to wedding ….I want a stylish bun ……….. so I rush to salon to torture my hair because I know DOVE is there always .

If hair could talk they will straight take me to JAIL. But I don’t feel the guilt anymore as I ensure PARTY HARD & CARE BEST .
 I ensure to pamper them with best ……
I oil ……
I shampoo
I condition with best ……

And my hair ……sings a song ….

Hatho ki paheli hai .....khelo to saheli hai .......

Enjoy :)

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dove Guessing Game with my friend

The moment I read this topic , I wanted to submit my entry .Would like to narrate a beautiful incident I encountered recently .
This was of my daughters , apparently I recently took up a full time job after many years of sabbatical . I was out on duty . And my little daughters got an opportunity of their life !
I generally use to lock my cosmetics stuff in my cupboard because of fear of my naughty angels .  Everything is too expensive plus maids presence entire day were the other two reasons I never forgot it to lock .
So here I enter my room in hurry , when my mom-in –law announces that my daughters are quietly playing in room for past two hours .I knew something big is waiting my way .

I got a shock of my life when I enter my room . I had forgotten to lock my cupboard yesterday &  it was party time !
 Both my daughters 8 yr & 3 yr , have not only had a party decorating themselves , but they managed to decorate the room with lipstick & mascara too !.
I saw my 3 yr old with chunni wrapped like saree . Her hair was open & clipped . Face had as much powder as it could take ! And I couldn’t miss the Red lipsticks all over her lips . She was smiling at me & sweetly said “ look Mommy , Navya ( her elder sis ) made me princess today “

Before I could understand the deal , I was stunned to see my elder great angel .
Dressed in a gown , wearing a tiara with red lipsticks & my high heels . Her face again couldn’t take more powder .
Apparently    their make artist was same J
Now was the turn of room , it had my stars ( made by my lipstick ;() all over !
The big artist apparently wanted the room look of princess too !!!!
The room also had pink table & chair ( they got from toy room ) , with juice in pink glasses . A full party on !!
Before I could react my daughter asked Mom “ Why don’t you join us & please play some music too “
I kept quiet , thought I had two choice now ….ether scream or enjoy with kids ….
I choose the second one ;) Played music , had juice & enjoyed with little ones .
I knew the mess made is beyond limits . I cant possibly clean up today , we had dinner also in that little pink table .We decided to have a party like this every month too J
After 2 hours , I cleaned their faces & we all Slept .
Many of you will think I am crazy J……but you know not all days will be like this .
 They will soon grow & be busy in studies .
They will not invite me in all their parties anymore L
Fun will be more mature for them !
But  I will miss these crazy parties !!!!!
So I cherish & thank Babaji for giving me bundles of joy in life  J
Cheers !!!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

An Immune India

An Immune India

Life  is a round circle , you realize it after few years of maturity . As I child my mother insisted on few daily habits till I got married ran away from all rituals ( I found her very nagging by the way J) . To start it , she strongly believed in aurvedic / herbal treatments & routine to follow –
Ø Start day with 1 liter of luke warm water
Ø Followed by almonds ,apricot , DABUR HONEY & tulsi.
Ø Milk is must in breakfast with DABUR CHANPARASH
Ø Curd & dal a must in lunch & dinner

Ø And not to miss , that sour lemon everyday .

She insisted that being Vegetarian we ought to follow few habits. These were necessary for me to have during my days with her . As for her she read & cooked with healthy possible options with special  masala’s , ginger & garlic.

She followed a lot more for herself as she was obsessed with health & had all time for herself after we grew up J.
I was more of a cheese & coke person & hated all possible health options J.
So I ditched following all rituals after marriage.

But I soon realized that what was insisted on was necessary.
After marriage I would have cold & cough frequently .
( By the way I never had viral / cold/ head ache  before ,till age 21 )
Would go in for crocin cold cough or visit doctor , but never gave a serious thought to itL.
Till one day ,I felt really ill . Was hospitalized that diagnosed  Vitamin D , B12 , B3 , Calcium deficiencies and sever migraine & acidity to top it. I did’nt remembered my last healthy meal by the way L.This was a situation of 26 year old youngster ( by the way I was regular to gym also & took protein shakes too)
Now it was turn of my mother to step in J. She soon made me realized that it was high time to get back to some basic healthy habits .After 5 days of hospitalization it did’nt took me much time to accept & realize how I have ruined my WONDERFUL immune system to weak body that looks healthy from face of it.
I got back to my previous routine & soon coped up . I gained back same immune system & also got rid of migraine attacks within 6 months .
Today I am 36 yr & have two wonderful daughters & as I started life is a round circle , I insist on few things & am considered as annoying as my MOMMY by my daughters J.
I learned it my way after hitting rock bottom L but will try to make them understand before J.

To summarize , would like to state  here that developing an immune system not only help us to be healthy but also goes a long way in making INDIA stronger.
With Baba ji blessing always ::::  Stronger minds , Stronger bodies leads to Stronger INDIA .

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Platinum day of Love

Love , Romance , Candle Light , Chocolates , Roses , Diamonds .......all were there in my life through my teens .
I felt Babaji was very kind to me , I was fortunate to have a partner who I knew  from college days .
He was love of my life & adored me ,gifted me religiously. We got married after my completing our post graduations . With blessing of our parents & relatives we got married . Things were great , could’nt have asked for better . We were young married couple having lucrative MNC”S job , enjoying all possible facilities which money can buy , be it big cars , foreign vacations plus one heart in two bodies.
After 5 years of marriage , our relatives & parents started asking for new addition in family . I was looking forward for it too .Was in early 30’s & had my share of “ bindass masti”

Again was fortunate enough to conceive as & when we wanted . I strongly feel Sai baba has been a magical force in my life. Not only was I expecting but also was blessed with Twin joy .
Was told in 2 nd month of pregnancy that I was expecting twins . Our joy was doubled !
With all possible support & blessings , I gave birth to two daughters . As any Super mom, I thought I would go back to work after 6 months .But I was a failure or perhaps too emotional . I tried hard 1 st year , but I noticed health of my angles going down day by day. Both daughters born were under weight ( which twins normally are) , but they were unable to gain weight during course of time .I was guilty & decided to give up work !
But as all great things cannot go on forever , our honeymoon period also had to ended  as responsibilities added in our life . I left work , gained lot of weight post pregnancy , was running after kids 24*7 & gave NO importance to anything else in life . My husband & parents , would force help on me but I wanted to do all myself. Soon i realized , my husband did’nt  care now . He became busy in his flourishing corporate career. His daily routine did’nt change after kids . He went to gym , took good care of himself & even started sleeping in different room .

After two years I looked like a Fat Frustrating Zombie running after two toddlers , whereas he was still a bachelor in looks & heart . Over a period of time , I started believing that there was NO love between us.
We got into argument every time we interacted , so much so that I started talking of separation.
Guess he felt same , at least I thought so . Till one day he gave a call to me & formally asked me out on a candle light dinner alone ( specifically). I was hesitant as my toddlers were use too of just me .
After few convincing statements from him , I agreed .
We decided to go on  date to Trident  . I realized there was nothing I was fitting in . I managed to get in sarree with a stretch halter neck blouse.
We landed in Trident & I was surprised to see the look in his eyes . He was actually same guy I married 8 yrs back . He looked mesmerized with my appearance & looked exited for a  date with his 8 year old Wife.

I was feeling excited , nervous with a man who I knew from past 15 years . Then to my shock he puts his hand in pocket & hands me this awesome looking solitaire earrings and apologizing for not being good husband and father. Was guilty too , for not being good wife either , so apologized too.
Beneath me I promised myself to take care of my own self too , besides the bundle of joy.
We had discovered our “ Platinum day of love today , after 15 years of togetherness “
He promised more  time to family & I to myself. So much so that we have duties fixed for kids.
Like brushing & bathing babies is his , making them sleep & eat is mine .( Though we exchange at times J)
Thank you Babaji , hope you always keep us blessed

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mera arrow kab launch ho ga ???

After hectic household chores , i was browsing net when i came across this liner which  someone had put .

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward......when  life is dragging you back with difficulties , just imagine that its going to launch you into something great .....

I wonder if it is true ???

I see some people inspite of being ruthless living comfortably till eternity whereas some poor soul struggling till their last breath . At times i really wonder what's God doing upstairs ???

My next door neighbour's daughter got married to a conservative family . Had very demanding  in-laws , after couple of years her husband got suspended from his office and was sentenced to jail for few years . She started working to support family .Its been 3 years now and i heard she met with an accident and died last week leaving  behind 2 kids and jailed husband .

Don't understand why her arrow never got launched ????

Went to her funeral and was disgusted to see her in-laws rather happy .
They might live happily ever after ........

They say what you do comes back in lifetime ....i can quote so many live examples near me who were really bad but still manage to live life well.

My aunt, for example was really bad with her mother -in -law and family ...., technically speaking she should get same from her daughter-in -law ...but unfortunately she is very nice and takes good care of her . None the less , her son who is a pilot with an international airlines  have kept a driver and maid exclusively for my aunt

I really wonder why God is so biased ?????

What do you say ???

Need  to understand this concept ....please do share your comments / feedback ???
Would love to learn & hear from you

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

TRESemmé India - Climate control

I am a Freelance trainer/ Image consultant by profession , have to go on  formal client meetings or trainings frequently . For us making a good first impression is very significant .With no offense or complain to anyone , I am blessed with firzzy hair . Have been pretty conscious about same .I think my entire wardrobe fails to make a good first impression because of hairstyle. If I tie my hair , I get small tangles all over . If I leave it open  its volume irritate me and is all over my face.

Here’s a look on how it looked 

My only resort to this problem is running to a pal our before important meetings . I get a blow dry done, quiet often. It tames my hair, condenses them and makes me presentable and more professional.

However this is a expensive way and was getting heavier on my pocket day by day L
I started straightening at home . Bought a straightener , serum & sprays .But this way was too time consuming L

Also I realized over a span of few years  I was loosing hair more , quality of hair deteriorating and grey strands increasing day by day.:(
Was puzzled & depressed on what to do and what not to do.

Then I saw Tress me climate control .With not much hope thought of trying it once .
Instead of buying a bottle I tried it in a parlour . Was shocked to see much manageable hair .I couldn’t believe it was just a shampoo and conditioner which is doing the trick.
Bought a bottle and tried it at home …….This really worked on my hair.
Here’s a look on how it looks now ;)

I am grateful to Tresmme for being in India with its wide range.
One may just suit you !

Healthy Teeth healthy life - Colgate -Dont ignore warning signs

Since childhood I have always been scared of visiting a doctor . But one can’t escape doctor in life for long . However if you wish so , certainly you can skip dentist long enough .
 I managed so far .
I am 36 year old women , mother of two . Have managed  to  survive without meeting a dentist till last month . I had a real bad pain in tooth . Went to the dentist , was advised medicine , root canal for a cavity paining .
After  been through this bad phase , out of curiosity started checking family history of tooth problems .
Though I was told I am getting paranoid with age . Yet I went ahead .

To my surprise  , there were few eye openers .
Would summarize it as below

1.       How much you take care of your teeth is directly related to your attitude in life .
I see people who are positive ,maintaining teeth better than others.

2.       My mother is 80 yr old and her teeth are absolutely fine till date in spite of being diabetic   . One routine she follows is brushing twice .
3.       My dad who is 80 again needs a teeth implement now . He has never followed mom’s ritual by the way.
4.       My sister who is 46 now , feels gum pains , bleeding gums  now and then , She has to visits  dentist frequently at this age. Also she admits ignoring swollen gums , redness often due to her super mom status in life.
5.       People who are fitness freak , have good teeth. Don’t know the real science beneath but  You are as fit as your teeth are! I realized this when my 27 year  cousin fainted in her office . Apparently she always had low hemoglobin . Not to forget blood receding through gums is something she has been ignoring since  ages.

At the end would put it like this

With this note I pledge to
A ) Brush twice
B) Never ignore gum problems
Hope you find my thought good enough to read !

Cheers !