Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Healthy Teeth healthy life - Colgate -Dont ignore warning signs

Since childhood I have always been scared of visiting a doctor . But one can’t escape doctor in life for long . However if you wish so , certainly you can skip dentist long enough .
 I managed so far .
I am 36 year old women , mother of two . Have managed  to  survive without meeting a dentist till last month . I had a real bad pain in tooth . Went to the dentist , was advised medicine , root canal for a cavity paining .
After  been through this bad phase , out of curiosity started checking family history of tooth problems .
Though I was told I am getting paranoid with age . Yet I went ahead .

To my surprise  , there were few eye openers .
Would summarize it as below

1.       How much you take care of your teeth is directly related to your attitude in life .
I see people who are positive ,maintaining teeth better than others.

2.       My mother is 80 yr old and her teeth are absolutely fine till date in spite of being diabetic   . One routine she follows is brushing twice .
3.       My dad who is 80 again needs a teeth implement now . He has never followed mom’s ritual by the way.
4.       My sister who is 46 now , feels gum pains , bleeding gums  now and then , She has to visits  dentist frequently at this age. Also she admits ignoring swollen gums , redness often due to her super mom status in life.
5.       People who are fitness freak , have good teeth. Don’t know the real science beneath but  You are as fit as your teeth are! I realized this when my 27 year  cousin fainted in her office . Apparently she always had low hemoglobin . Not to forget blood receding through gums is something she has been ignoring since  ages.

At the end would put it like this

With this note I pledge to
A ) Brush twice
B) Never ignore gum problems
Hope you find my thought good enough to read !

Cheers !

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