Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mera arrow kab launch ho ga ???

After hectic household chores , i was browsing net when i came across this liner which  someone had put .

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward......when  life is dragging you back with difficulties , just imagine that its going to launch you into something great .....

I wonder if it is true ???

I see some people inspite of being ruthless living comfortably till eternity whereas some poor soul struggling till their last breath . At times i really wonder what's God doing upstairs ???

My next door neighbour's daughter got married to a conservative family . Had very demanding  in-laws , after couple of years her husband got suspended from his office and was sentenced to jail for few years . She started working to support family .Its been 3 years now and i heard she met with an accident and died last week leaving  behind 2 kids and jailed husband .

Don't understand why her arrow never got launched ????

Went to her funeral and was disgusted to see her in-laws rather happy .
They might live happily ever after ........

They say what you do comes back in lifetime ....i can quote so many live examples near me who were really bad but still manage to live life well.

My aunt, for example was really bad with her mother -in -law and family ...., technically speaking she should get same from her daughter-in -law ...but unfortunately she is very nice and takes good care of her . None the less , her son who is a pilot with an international airlines  have kept a driver and maid exclusively for my aunt

I really wonder why God is so biased ?????

What do you say ???

Need  to understand this concept ....please do share your comments / feedback ???
Would love to learn & hear from you

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