Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dove Guessing Game with my friend

The moment I read this topic , I wanted to submit my entry .Would like to narrate a beautiful incident I encountered recently .
This was of my daughters , apparently I recently took up a full time job after many years of sabbatical . I was out on duty . And my little daughters got an opportunity of their life !
I generally use to lock my cosmetics stuff in my cupboard because of fear of my naughty angels .  Everything is too expensive plus maids presence entire day were the other two reasons I never forgot it to lock .
So here I enter my room in hurry , when my mom-in –law announces that my daughters are quietly playing in room for past two hours .I knew something big is waiting my way .

I got a shock of my life when I enter my room . I had forgotten to lock my cupboard yesterday &  it was party time !
 Both my daughters 8 yr & 3 yr , have not only had a party decorating themselves , but they managed to decorate the room with lipstick & mascara too !.
I saw my 3 yr old with chunni wrapped like saree . Her hair was open & clipped . Face had as much powder as it could take ! And I couldn’t miss the Red lipsticks all over her lips . She was smiling at me & sweetly said “ look Mommy , Navya ( her elder sis ) made me princess today “

Before I could understand the deal , I was stunned to see my elder great angel .
Dressed in a gown , wearing a tiara with red lipsticks & my high heels . Her face again couldn’t take more powder .
Apparently    their make artist was same J
Now was the turn of room , it had my stars ( made by my lipstick ;() all over !
The big artist apparently wanted the room look of princess too !!!!
The room also had pink table & chair ( they got from toy room ) , with juice in pink glasses . A full party on !!
Before I could react my daughter asked Mom “ Why don’t you join us & please play some music too “
I kept quiet , thought I had two choice now ….ether scream or enjoy with kids ….
I choose the second one ;) Played music , had juice & enjoyed with little ones .
I knew the mess made is beyond limits . I cant possibly clean up today , we had dinner also in that little pink table .We decided to have a party like this every month too J
After 2 hours , I cleaned their faces & we all Slept .
Many of you will think I am crazy J……but you know not all days will be like this .
 They will soon grow & be busy in studies .
They will not invite me in all their parties anymore L
Fun will be more mature for them !
But  I will miss these crazy parties !!!!!
So I cherish & thank Babaji for giving me bundles of joy in life  J
Cheers !!!

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