Tuesday, 7 May 2013

TRESemmé India - Climate control

I am a Freelance trainer/ Image consultant by profession , have to go on  formal client meetings or trainings frequently . For us making a good first impression is very significant .With no offense or complain to anyone , I am blessed with firzzy hair . Have been pretty conscious about same .I think my entire wardrobe fails to make a good first impression because of hairstyle. If I tie my hair , I get small tangles all over . If I leave it open  its volume irritate me and is all over my face.

Here’s a look on how it looked 

My only resort to this problem is running to a pal our before important meetings . I get a blow dry done, quiet often. It tames my hair, condenses them and makes me presentable and more professional.

However this is a expensive way and was getting heavier on my pocket day by day L
I started straightening at home . Bought a straightener , serum & sprays .But this way was too time consuming L

Also I realized over a span of few years  I was loosing hair more , quality of hair deteriorating and grey strands increasing day by day.:(
Was puzzled & depressed on what to do and what not to do.

Then I saw Tress me climate control .With not much hope thought of trying it once .
Instead of buying a bottle I tried it in a parlour . Was shocked to see much manageable hair .I couldn’t believe it was just a shampoo and conditioner which is doing the trick.
Bought a bottle and tried it at home …….This really worked on my hair.
Here’s a look on how it looks now ;)

I am grateful to Tresmme for being in India with its wide range.
One may just suit you !

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