Sunday, 20 October 2013

An Immune India

An Immune India

Life  is a round circle , you realize it after few years of maturity . As I child my mother insisted on few daily habits till I got married ran away from all rituals ( I found her very nagging by the way J) . To start it , she strongly believed in aurvedic / herbal treatments & routine to follow –
Ø Start day with 1 liter of luke warm water
Ø Followed by almonds ,apricot , DABUR HONEY & tulsi.
Ø Milk is must in breakfast with DABUR CHANPARASH
Ø Curd & dal a must in lunch & dinner

Ø And not to miss , that sour lemon everyday .

She insisted that being Vegetarian we ought to follow few habits. These were necessary for me to have during my days with her . As for her she read & cooked with healthy possible options with special  masala’s , ginger & garlic.

She followed a lot more for herself as she was obsessed with health & had all time for herself after we grew up J.
I was more of a cheese & coke person & hated all possible health options J.
So I ditched following all rituals after marriage.

But I soon realized that what was insisted on was necessary.
After marriage I would have cold & cough frequently .
( By the way I never had viral / cold/ head ache  before ,till age 21 )
Would go in for crocin cold cough or visit doctor , but never gave a serious thought to itL.
Till one day ,I felt really ill . Was hospitalized that diagnosed  Vitamin D , B12 , B3 , Calcium deficiencies and sever migraine & acidity to top it. I did’nt remembered my last healthy meal by the way L.This was a situation of 26 year old youngster ( by the way I was regular to gym also & took protein shakes too)
Now it was turn of my mother to step in J. She soon made me realized that it was high time to get back to some basic healthy habits .After 5 days of hospitalization it did’nt took me much time to accept & realize how I have ruined my WONDERFUL immune system to weak body that looks healthy from face of it.
I got back to my previous routine & soon coped up . I gained back same immune system & also got rid of migraine attacks within 6 months .
Today I am 36 yr & have two wonderful daughters & as I started life is a round circle , I insist on few things & am considered as annoying as my MOMMY by my daughters J.
I learned it my way after hitting rock bottom L but will try to make them understand before J.

To summarize , would like to state  here that developing an immune system not only help us to be healthy but also goes a long way in making INDIA stronger.
With Baba ji blessing always ::::  Stronger minds , Stronger bodies leads to Stronger INDIA .


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