Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Platinum day of Love

Love , Romance , Candle Light , Chocolates , Roses , Diamonds .......all were there in my life through my teens .
I felt Babaji was very kind to me , I was fortunate to have a partner who I knew  from college days .
He was love of my life & adored me ,gifted me religiously. We got married after my completing our post graduations . With blessing of our parents & relatives we got married . Things were great , could’nt have asked for better . We were young married couple having lucrative MNC”S job , enjoying all possible facilities which money can buy , be it big cars , foreign vacations plus one heart in two bodies.
After 5 years of marriage , our relatives & parents started asking for new addition in family . I was looking forward for it too .Was in early 30’s & had my share of “ bindass masti”

Again was fortunate enough to conceive as & when we wanted . I strongly feel Sai baba has been a magical force in my life. Not only was I expecting but also was blessed with Twin joy .
Was told in 2 nd month of pregnancy that I was expecting twins . Our joy was doubled !
With all possible support & blessings , I gave birth to two daughters . As any Super mom, I thought I would go back to work after 6 months .But I was a failure or perhaps too emotional . I tried hard 1 st year , but I noticed health of my angles going down day by day. Both daughters born were under weight ( which twins normally are) , but they were unable to gain weight during course of time .I was guilty & decided to give up work !
But as all great things cannot go on forever , our honeymoon period also had to ended  as responsibilities added in our life . I left work , gained lot of weight post pregnancy , was running after kids 24*7 & gave NO importance to anything else in life . My husband & parents , would force help on me but I wanted to do all myself. Soon i realized , my husband did’nt  care now . He became busy in his flourishing corporate career. His daily routine did’nt change after kids . He went to gym , took good care of himself & even started sleeping in different room .

After two years I looked like a Fat Frustrating Zombie running after two toddlers , whereas he was still a bachelor in looks & heart . Over a period of time , I started believing that there was NO love between us.
We got into argument every time we interacted , so much so that I started talking of separation.
Guess he felt same , at least I thought so . Till one day he gave a call to me & formally asked me out on a candle light dinner alone ( specifically). I was hesitant as my toddlers were use too of just me .
After few convincing statements from him , I agreed .
We decided to go on  date to Trident  . I realized there was nothing I was fitting in . I managed to get in sarree with a stretch halter neck blouse.
We landed in Trident & I was surprised to see the look in his eyes . He was actually same guy I married 8 yrs back . He looked mesmerized with my appearance & looked exited for a  date with his 8 year old Wife.

I was feeling excited , nervous with a man who I knew from past 15 years . Then to my shock he puts his hand in pocket & hands me this awesome looking solitaire earrings and apologizing for not being good husband and father. Was guilty too , for not being good wife either , so apologized too.
Beneath me I promised myself to take care of my own self too , besides the bundle of joy.
We had discovered our “ Platinum day of love today , after 15 years of togetherness “
He promised more  time to family & I to myself. So much so that we have duties fixed for kids.
Like brushing & bathing babies is his , making them sleep & eat is mine .( Though we exchange at times J)
Thank you Babaji , hope you always keep us blessed

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